First blog post

Click. Click. Swipe. Grrrrr. Click. Annnnnnnd boom! I’m now an official blogger.  My very first.  And I’m f?;$ing scared! So go easy on me ok? John Wayne once said,

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddle up anyway.”

I adore quotes, I collect quotes and I have volumes of books on quotes.  You’ll probably see a lot of my favorites here.  I discovered that quote about 5 years ago, and whenever I’m scared, that pearl of wisdom is my mantra. (Tattoo maybe? )

Why am I writing? I’m not a writer. You’ll probably see grammar mistakes, but no spelling mistakes hopefully. Don’t like that one bit! (Spell check people!) I’m writing because a few months ago, I wanted to search for a new job, something I haven’t had to do seriously since 2004!  Times sure have changed! I’ve changed! More experience true, also grayer! The job search technique has changed! Resumes have changed, cover letters have changed, crap, the old rules don’t work anymore. It was a revelation to me.  How many more are out there like me? At least I researched a lot (cuz that’s what I do when something piques my interest) and figured out what was going on.  So sometimes this will be about searching for jobs, personal branding (if you don’t know what that is you better figure out that one too.  It’s not a tattoo or a cow brand!) and that fun interview stuff.  (I think I’m the only freak who loves to interview!)

There is another topic that I’m passionate about.  I read about it constantly.  I study it constantly.  I strive to practice it every day at work.  Servant Leadership. I have over 25 years in the business world as a leader and manager.  I’m an expert at it.  I’m an expert at customer service.  I’m an expert at being an interviewer. (Seriously, I totaled up the approximate amount of people I’ve interviewed.  2500 and counting) I’m an expert at smiling everyday at work and bringing positivity to my job no matter how I feel inside.  It’s not my job’s fault if I had an argument at home, or I’m worried about my mother, or worried about my daughters.  The point is, I know the right way to be a leader, and I have certainly seen the wrong way to be a leader too.  I’ve experienced first hand how a toxic leader can destroy people and a business.  Or how a toxic work culture can suck the soul right out of you, even if you love your actual job.  I’ve been thinking about workplace culture for over 5 years now and how I can help. This is my first step.  My voice, my experience, is shouting inside of me to be heard.

So, pilgrim…I’m saddling up, I’m swallowing my fear and embracing my courage-I give you Robin’s Nest.  I’ve got different stuff on FB and Twitter too. (Twitter: @robinsnest21) My goal isn’t to get a boatload of followers, but to reach people’s hearts, and maybe, help a few people along the way. Courage and peace.