Will you take a chance on me? On my voice? Time is precious and how awesome would it be if you took the time to read my words, and maybe even apply some of what I’ve learned in the working world. I know myself…every follower, every like, will help my confidence notch up.  I’m not using you to feel good, that’s not why I decided to write. I decided to blog after a lot of distressful but interesting learning experiences on the job.  I have over 25+ years as a leader, mentor and authentic person in the business world. I stand for servant leadership, healthy workplace culture, happy employees, positive thoughts and smiling everyday.  (Throw in animals, diversity, sports, cars, hiking, camping, books, cycling,  and lifelong education too)

What’s my story? Briefly, there are so many wounded people in the workplace who take their anger and dysfunction out on coworkers, employees and yes, even customers. I’ve seen it, I’ve felt it and I finally said, no more! My voice needs to speak out! If I can influence one unhappy person, one toxic workplace, or one bully leader with my words, I’ll consider it a win!  So, while a nest of complacency is safe and warm, step out on the perch with me. Let’s take flight, and explore together. Courage and peace.