Branding yourself…

Today, I was checking LinkedIn, just looking around at different business articles and business leaders that I admire.  This is not a bash LinkedIn article.  I love LinkedIn.  I feel like I get to learn for free from different avenues, teachers, and good leaders in business and life.  I came across an article by the Wall Street Journal about certain companies’ taking issue with President Trump’s immigration ban. I didn’t read the full article, but what I did read was mostly business related, such as how do certain companies get their employees home, or how some were saying they did not support the ban because it goes against their mission.  (This is not an article about my opinion on the ban.)  I was actually curious about the comments.

Now, when I go on LinkedIn, I expect professional business comments.  It feels like a workplace atmosphere to me.  I go there strictly for business reasons.  I only want to see business opinions or comments, depending on the topic.  If a topic is not quite in line with business, I still expect professionalism. (Call me naive. That is the branding that LinkedIn is known for)  So, I was really surprised at some of the comments.  On what is supposed to be a business-like platform, some people could not hold back their nasty comments.  If I want to see that, I can go on Facebook or Twitter.  That’s where I talk about my political leanings and opinions.  (I still try to be respectful though)  On my business page on FB and Twitter, I do not mention politics at all.  Strictly business!

What is it about online communication that makes people feel that they can say what they want?  I know it’s the anonymity thing, but LinkedIn is not that anonymous!  I kept wondering if these guys were looking for clients or a job.  Dear reader, words hurt!  Words expose you.  Words brand you.  I hope these guys weren’t looking for a job or clients, because they just branded themselves publicly.



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